People in West Side home wake up to guns pointed at their faces

4 masked robbers kicked in the door of home

SAN ANTONIO – Some people who had been asleep inside a West Side home woke up to what sounds like a nightmare, four masked men with guns pointed at them.

They told San Antonio police the intruders kicked open the door of their home, located in the 5400 block of Wincheap Farm, and pointed the guns at their faces while robbing them of their possessions.

The victims said the gunmen took their cell phones and a purse, then fired two shots at their home as they ran off.

No one was injured by the gunfire.

Police searched the area but did not find the gunmen.

They were able to follow a signal from one of the cell phones which led them to what may have been the getaway car.

However, that vehicle was empty when they found it parked on a street about three miles away.

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