Records: Fired San Antonio police officer sent explicit Snapchat videos of children to friend

Officer sent sexually explicit videos, some involving children, to female friend

Sebastian Torres (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio police officer who pleaded guilty to child pornography charges was formally terminated from his job in March, suspension records showed.

Sebastian Torres was first arrested on Feb. 5 on federal charges of selling and transferring obscene visual representations of sexual abuse of children.

SAPD officer arrested on federal child exploitation charges, officials say

Police Chief William McManus said that the charges against Torres were “deeply disturbing,” following his arrest.

“When I was initially made aware of the allegations, he was immediately placed on administrative duty and a joint investigation with the FBI was launched," McManus previously said in a statement.

However, few specific details were known until KSAT obtained his termination paperwork in May.

According to the documents, Torres first sent eight Snapchat videos depicting him performing a sex act on himself to a female acquaintance.

On the same day, he also sent the acquaintance five videos that “appear to be of children engaging in sexually explicit conduct” through Snapchat, documents said.

While he was being interviewed about the case, Torres told officers that he’s part of group chats that send similar content.

“I have been in group chats where it turns into like, there’s a minor there, and it’s like, ‘ah that’s too much’ and I exit the group chat,” he told officers, according to the document.

“Officer Torres had a continuing duty to report this information through proper channels," according to the document.

In late February, Torres pleaded guilty to the charges. He has yet to be sentenced, federal court records showed.

SAPD officer pleads guilty to distribution and possession of child pornography, court documents reveal

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