San Antonio nonprofit helps 5th, 8th graders transition to next level through STEAM camps

Family Service Transition Camps work to keep students on track throughout summer

SAN ANTONIO – When schools went from classroom instruction to online learning, it was an adjustment for teachers, parents and students.

Family Service, a nonprofit, has been working with students during this time to keep them connected while they are at home.

The nonprofit is extending its service over the summer through transition camps to help fifth and eighth grade students stay on track with their school work and to make their transition to a new grade level and a new school a lot smoother.

“We’re just trying to keep them as engaged as possible, so that when school does start back up again, they didn’t have that break in-between,” said Veronica Salgado, Family Service youth education team manager. “So, that they’re still kind of in that mode.”

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The students are learning a STEAM-based curriculum and life skills. All the instruction is in the classroom and online.

“We tailored it a little bit to have both onsite students that were still comfortable coming to the center since we’ve been open this entire time and we do have some families that want to still remain virtual, so we’re doing both,” Salgado said.

Monica Rocco said her two children, Marianna and Mark, haven’t really left the house since March.

Rocco said being able to attend the transition camps at Family Service Neighborhood Place has been a welcome change of pace for her children.

“I think it’s essential,” Rocco said. “I really appreciate the fact that I have somewhere safe that I can send my kids. We really appreciate it. It’s helpful because we know it’s going to be beneficial to them with their education and with their bonding as well. So, here, they’re able to get out and see other children in a safe environment.”

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Marianna Rocci said she is enjoying the transition camps.

“It’s been fun and I’ve experienced new experiences and I’ve gotten to socialize with people,” she said. “I haven’t been able to do that for a while.”

There’s still time for fifth and eighth grade students to enroll.

Other programs include the Family Service’s Teen Tech Center, which is open all summer and Family Service’s summer internship program, which starts in July.

For information on any of these programs, call 210-431-7500.

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