San Antonio’s first-ever electronic dance music drive-in still a go, organizers say

EDM Drive-In organizers say two-day event is still happening

SAN ANTONIO – Hundreds of people are expected to fill the parking lot of the Freeman Coliseum for an electronic dance music festival Friday and Saturday amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

350 vehicles will be allowed to enter San Antonio’s first-ever EDM Drive-In. According to the festival’s spokesperson, Sid Zuber, it’s a chance to party safely during the pandemic.

“This is as close as I could possibly get you,” Zuber said. “Also to keep the social distancing in order, we’re setting up an F.M. signal in this entire perimeter. So, you’re going to tune into your radio dial in your own vehicle.”

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Zuber said the idea for the music festival came after learning about a successful event in Germany as well as a four-day concert series that took place in Arlington, Texas in early June.

“We took examples from the Texas Rangers (Stadium),” Zuber said. “They did a drive-in series over there. So, we followed their rules. We’ve been following the World Health Organization rules and recommendations.”

Although the county’s most recent executive order bans outdoor gatherings of 100 people or more due to COVID-19, organizers say they’ve been cleared to continue. In an email to KSAT12, EDM Drive-In’s executive coordinator, Julia Lowe said, “We’ve spoken with city officials (Friday morning), and our show is 100% a GO!”

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Every person will receive a free mask that they’re required to wear during the entire event.

“It’s not coming off it, (but) if it comes off and we see it, we’re going to come warn you,” Zuber said. “Please don’t make me call the sheriff’s (office) to come and, you know, deal with the situation.”

Guests will only be able to step out of their vehicles to use the restroom or to dance.

Restrooms will be spread out to ensure social distancing and allow for routine cleaning.

“We have guys on backpacks with it, with the proper chemicals to go in there and spray down five (restrooms) at a time,”Zuber said.

There will be two parking spaces between each vehicle and dance zones will be clearly indicated with orange cones.

“You can’t go mingle with other people,” Zuber said. “You have the vehicle, the group that you came in, that is the group that you could dance with in front of your vehicle.”

The Bexar County Sheriffs Office will have towers set up to monitor at a safe distance and SAPD will have officers patrol on bikes to ensure guests follow the rules.

Tickets are almost sold out for both Friday and Saturday. For more information on the EDM Drive-In festival, click here.

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