Reminder: Hand sanitizer and fireworks a ‘recipe for disaster'

Safety officials say to wash hands with soap and water before handling fireworks

Hand sanitizer and fireworks don't mix, experts warn.

SAN ANTONIO – In this instance, hand sanitizer is not the way to go.

Safety officials are reminding people ahead of Fourth of July celebrations that hand sanitizer and fireworks are a dangerous mix.

While hand sanitizer has become the go-to precaution amid the coronavirus pandemic, it contains alcohol, which is highly flammable.

“Alcohol and fire do not mix,” National Safety Council spokeswoman Maureen Vogel told CNN. “You shouldn’t pair flammable items; it’s the proverbial recipe for disaster.”

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Vogel recommends people wash their hands “the old fashioned way” with soap and water.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission advises keeping a bucket of water or a water hose nearby in case of a mishap.

The commission also says young children shouldn’t handle fireworks, including sparklers, as some sparklers are hot enough to burn certain metals.

In 2019, fireworks led to 10,000 injuries and at least 12 deaths, the commission said.

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