San Antonio family living next door to each other contract COVID-19

Local leaders urging safety measures this Fourth of July weekend

SAN ANTONIO – The July 4th weekend could impact the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Bexar County. It’s why local leaders are urging people to stay home and to not get together with people outside of their household.

Isaiah Castellanos, 24, and his wife, Vanessa, 25, know exactly what can happen when you congregate with people who don’t live with you. They recently tested positive for COVID-19.

“I had a 103.3 fever and I kind of knew something was up,” Castellanos said.

Isaiahs said Vanessa’s parents and her brother who live next door also contracted COVID-19.

“We all like to hang out in between our houses and on the lawn and stuff like that,” Castellanos said.

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He said they don’t know exactly where they contracted the virus. Castellanos said he was following safety measures.

“I definitely try to be cautious on, like, you know, washing my clothes as soon as I get home, taking a shower, as soon as I get home, trying to make sure that everything is sanitized,” Castellanos said.

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