Nonprofit helps with healing by transforming rooms of child abuse victims

'She dropped to the floor. She couldn’t believe it was her room,' mother says

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – Child abuse and sexual assault create a huge ripple effect of trauma. A local organization is helping children recover in a unique way by transforming their rooms.

Children's rooms are often associated with their abuse.

“We actually found out about a year and a half ago that my daughter had been sexually abused. She’s been in therapy since we found out. She’s 12 years old, and this apparently started when she was about 4, but we had no idea. She told her therapist she didn’t want me to know because she didn’t want me to feel hurt,” said a mother who is choosing to stay anonymous for her daughter’s sake.

FBI program uses public’s help to fight child sex abuse

Their case is ongoing, but the mother wanted to share their story to help other children.

Both of her daughter’s abusers were extended family members.

“We didn’t realize some of the things in her bedroom were causing triggers. It got to the point where she would not even sleep in her bedroom. She was sleeping on the couch or another room,” the mother said about her daughter.

The mother then found the nonprofit Room Redux online.

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