Worker: Shooting scene at North side strip club was ‘chaos’

Man who opened fire with AK-47 shot by security officer

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – A worker who was inside a North side strip club when a man allegedly opened fire on the the building with an AK-47 assault rifle Thursday morning described the scene as being chaotic.

Security guard shoots man who fired AK-47 at XTC Cabaret, police say

San Antonio police said the shooting broke out around 3:15 a.m. at XTC Cabaret in the 2000 block of Sable Lane near Broadway.

They believe a 28-year-old man who was thrown out of the club earlier for being involved in a brawl returned with an AK-47 and began firing at the building.

Blasts from an AK-47 left large visible holes in the front of XTC Cabaret. (KSAT 12 News)

”They started fighting,” said one woman who didn’t want to reveal her identity but described herself as a “dancer” at the club. “Somebody stepped outside, came back in and chaos went on after that.”

She said she and her co-workers ducked for cover, trying to stay safe and calm as they heard the gunfire erupt.

”Everybody went to the back. Everybody was on the floor,” said another unidentified woman who was working there at the time.

Police say a security officer fired back at the alleged gunman, hitting him in his arm and torso.

They said they do expect him to survive.

The gunfire narrowly missed a door on the front of the strip club. (KSAT 12 News)

While no one else was hit by the gunfire, it did leave the front of the building, itself, with large visible bullet holes.

Officers detained several people for questioning but it did not appear anyone was arrested right away.

Police say the gunman will face charges once he is released from the hospital.

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