GMSA@9 Debrief: City to vote on budget, Aquifer Protection Program

Vote on two big items expected to take place on Thursday

SAN ANTONIOEditor’s Note: During the debrief, KSAT reporter Garrett Brnger misspoke and said the city was considering furloughs for this year. In fact, the city is weighing that option for next year.

KSAT12′s Garrett Brnger joins GMSA@9 to discuss city council’s vote on two big items on Thursday: the budget and the Aquifer Protection Program.

The $2.9 billion proposed budget is $7.7 million less than what council passed for the FY 2020, but includes numerous cuts to balance out the expected revenue reduction because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Edwards Aquifer Protection Program could also have a new source of funding secured, as it faces the loss of the 1/8 cent sales tax that has funded it for the past 20 years.

To view the video, click above.

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