Petition to have a presidential debate moderated by Joe Rogan now just shy of 300,000 signatures

Talk of the event first started on the comedian’s podcast, but could it become reality?

UFC Commentator Joe Rogan will be moving to Texas, bailing Californian traffic, economy, and population. (Courtesy of UFC)

SAN ANTONIO – A petition to have Joe Rogan, a comedian, UFC fight commentator and podcaster, moderate a debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic Nominee Joe Biden is closing in on 300,000 signatures on

The petition, started by Ashton Stowell on, requests that the Commission on Presidential Debates elect Joe Rogan as the moderator for the 2020 Presidential Debate.

Talk of Rogan hosting a debate first started on episode #1535 of The Joe Rogan Experience, where Rogan talked with Tim Kennedy a Special Forces operator and retired UFC fighter.

On the show, the pair entertained the idea of having the prominent podcaster moderate a debate between Trump and Biden. Since then, Trump has said he would be willing to participate in the event, answering Kennedy directly on Twitter.

“I do!," Trump said over Twitter, picking up the gauntlet thrown down by the duo. Biden has not yet confirmed or denied that he would participate in the hypothetical debate but was interviewed on a variety of subjects by the rapper Cardi B in August.

Watch the full interview with Cardi B and Biden in the video player below:

Some of Rogan’s guests have also co-signed the event, below are their reactions pulled from social media:

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