30 reasons why San Antonians say they are voting in 2020

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Vote 2020 (KSAT 2020)

SAN ANTONIO – This election cycle has been unlike any other. Here in Texas, more than 4 million people have already voted, and in Bexar county alone nearly 250,000 people cast their ballots in the first 6 days of early voting.

We wanted to know what drove so many people to the polls so we asked our followers on social media what issue inspired them to vote.

But we aren’t done listening yet. We want to hear from you and our readers on KSAT.com. Let us know in the comment section below why you will be voting. (Create a free KSAT.com account here to join the conversation.)

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My father who died of COVID-19 in April. My vote is for him and the hundreds of thousands of Americans that were failed by the current administration.

physikel on Instagram

I’m glad Trump has lifted 3 million off of food stamps. I’m Glad he doesn’t follow what other politicians follow. I’m glad he’s for the people and that he has created the best economy,military. I’m glad that he has done more for minorities than any other president. I’m here for 4 more years.

jaymichaelluna on Instagram

I want integrity, morals and ethics in the WH. All are missing under Trump and his cronies

huertaceciliagarcia on Instagram

Unity- as a country we forgot how well we work together. Historically, when the going got tough it brought us closer. I am not saying we should all agree on the same ideas because after all that is what makes this country so special. The fact that people can be on opposing ends and still have respect for eachother. I am voting because we are supposed to be united its part of the name and our principles. We need to see that unity in our leadership. It is time to hold everyone in our leadership accountable for their actions and be the America we have been known to be.

Jesse Martinez on Facebook

Because of Democratic and liberal corruption!!!!

jeffreyf23 on Instagram

Watching other countries handle this pandemic while we have over 200,000 is infuriating. Trump doesn’t have what it takes to be President. He’s got to go.

txma1719 on Instagram

The worst corruption in the White House in the history of the US, a president that has enabled COVID to take over 215,000 lives and the loss of respect from the allies that fought wars with us to prevent the tyranny that has reared it’s head in our own presidency.

Kenneth Bowman on Facebook

Want to continue the progress of lowering prescription drugs, lowering taxes, reducing regulation, commonsense regulations for strengthening our ecology, more training for law enforcement; not defunding them, keeping 2nd amendment rights, helping each other while we fight COVID as a nation. Just a few of my reasons.

Sharn Barnett on Facebook

I love not living in a socialist/ communist country, and I want it to stay that way.

soboc1 on Instagram

Leadership. We need true good leaders all around.

Decency. Democracy.

Lali MarYsol on Facebook

Keeping my Texas Red and my America a democracy

Pat Mann Hanshew on Facebook

Trump is not a politician, he’s a businessman working hard for the American people and we need him

nanababbs12 on Instagram

I agree in the 2nd amendment! I am not for abortions! I love America. I don’t agree with socialism. I don’t want the government to control me! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Coral Lising on Facebook

The need to get the orange buffoon out of office and return our country to normalcy where we can again respect each other. After almost 4 years of crazy where most people are totally exhausted of a reality TV presidency, I look forward to calmer and happier times.

Adrian Torres on Facebook

Can’t wait to cast my vote again. For a true person, that doesn’t mess around, does what he promises and gets the job done, with no help, no respect from the other side, a man with a set. The country has to have Trump 4 more years, we love this President, best ever.

Evelyn Lightsey on Facebook

The polarization of this nation and the rise of all this hate and venom

chicophillipo on Instagram

Because I don’t want to see the Democrats and their Liberal agenda completely destroy this country. We need that ultimate roadblock against Pelosi, Feinstein, Sanders, Schiff, et al. We need 4 more years of Trump.

Patrick Lowe on Facebook

I want strip clubs to open and whichever of these gentlemen can do that, has got my vote.

elgordis9 on Instagram

The lack of leadership and decency in both Congress and local government. The HUGE mishandling of the pandemic .

Hector Murillo III on Facebook

Hoping for a better America 🇺🇸

Christopher V. Hester on Facebook

Because I believe that a woman has a right to her own body. And no I’m not a baby killer. I would never do that! But for those of you who don’t believe in abortion then don’t have one! Also I believe in science. I also believe that if you’re going to be the president of the United States you need to have some kind of empathy. Also I’ll believe that women should be respected and not called awful names. I also believe That we should respect the military and not belittle anyone who has joined it, it’s hard enough for them to be away from their families.

Andres Perez on Facebook

We need a leader that is willing to listen and learn. It’s a huge block to have someone unwilling to learn because they feel they know everything.

artsy.mari on Instagram

A sense of obligation as a black woman, even though I know that my vote doesn’t matter here in Texas, the guilty and obligation to my ancestors make me determined no matter what. 😔

Jacqueline Bouldin on Facebook

Since I joined the Air Force 30 years ago it was my obligation to be able to vote on the elective officials.

ccbrazieljr4747 on Instagram



Florie Vasquez on Facebook

I always VOTE. This times is very personal. I am voting OUT a fraud, thief, compulsive liar, rapist. Voting out discrimination, sexism,fascism, nepotism,narcissism and SO MUCH MORE💙

Rachel Mejiá on Facebook

The man doing everything possible to undermine the constitution.

Joshua Riece on Facebook

Democrats and their platform. They have no platform, direction or leadership. They are driven by their personal hate and rage for one man.

Mason B Dixon on Facebook

Voted to keep thousands employed in the oil and gas industry and to keep taxes at a somewhat reasonable amount. Don’t want Texas to look like California with people being taxed out of their homes.

Luke Green on Facebook

To bring calm to our nation!

David Maurice Sr. on Facebook

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