Downtown San Antonio businesses prepare for potential civil unrest after election

Plywood covers businesses downtown ahead of election day

Downtown San Antonio businesses preparing for potential civil unrest after election

SAN ANTONIO – Throughout downtown, businesses are boarding up their windows and doors, bracing for potential unrest starting on Election Day ahead of what many are calling the most contentious election of our lives.

Some business owners are using the same plywood they used during demonstrations that turned violent in late May after George Floyd was killed.

“One thing after another. But I mean, we’ve got to roll with the punches,” said Daniel Rivera, the manager 4th Bar & Lounge Manager, who was boarding up the establishment Monday.

At SNAX Convenience Store, workers are also experiencing deja vu. They boarded up the store after the George Floyd incident. Now, ahead of the election, they’re bracing for more unrest.

At Alamo Antique Mall, manager Linda Wickwire is experiencing a similar frustration.

“It’s like, does it end? Where is it going to end? We are small businesses, and we struggle. We put our blood, sweat and tears in it. And, you know, for someone just to take it away in one hour or one evening -- it’s heartbreaking,” Wickwire said.

With no exact word on when state officials will finalize election results, the possibility of destruction is hanging in limbo. It’s likely much of the plywood that can be seen downtown right now will be left there for a few days.

“Probably until the weekend’s over, once everybody cools off,” Rivera said.

Local officials emphasized that they’ve received no credible threats. However, there is a safety plan in place that includes local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Starting Tuesday and as long as it takes, officials say it will be all hands on deck to respond to any unrest if needed.

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