Ultra-rare Travis Scott McDonald’s action figure is selling for $45,000

Famous rapper gifts figurine to cancer survivor

The Travis Scott meal at McDonald's. (McDonald's)

Travis Scott made headlines in September when he teamed up with McDonald’s to release a burger meal.

But now it’s his ultra-rare action figure that has social media stirring because only five were ever made, according to the burger chain, and they’re selling for big bucks.

StockX, a live-action bid-and-ask online marketplace, shows the lowest asking price for the action figure is $45,000 and the highest bid is $4,050.

The action figure was never sold online or in stores. McDonald’s officials tweeted on Sept. 25 that five action figures would be given away as part of a sweepstakes.

The promotional meal, which included a Quarter Pounder with lettuce, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard and bacon, medium fries, Sprite and BBQ sauce, was offered until Oct. 4, according to People.

A Yahoo article published Monday states that the rapper gifted a fan with one of the figurines after he beat his second battle with cancer.

Scott sent the fan, Jonah DeToro, the figurine after DeToro posted to Twitter on Sept. 8 saying there was no better way to fight cancer than having a Travis Scott McDonald’s meal on his birthday.


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