Report: Wiz Khalifa launches HotBox food delivery service in Houston, 8 other cities

The restaurant will serve customers through GrubHub and DoorDash

SAN ANTONIO – Rapper Wiz Khalifa announced a new venture this week that is giving fans another reason to celebrate in a socially-distanced manner — his own virtual food delivery service.

The virtual food delivery service, called HotBox by Wiz, is launching nationwide in the coming months.

Khalifa is partnering with Nextbite, a company that specializes in utilizing existing kitchens and fulfillment partners, to provide food delivery services, according to the company. Hotbox will feature a themed menu and will be serving customers through delivery vendors such as GrubHub and DoorDash.

According to a report from the Houston Chronicle, the chain will launch virtually October 1 in Houston, along with eight other cities including Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Denver, D.C, Indianapolis, and New York City.

HotBox officials said the company is currently seeking restaurants to partner with in select cities.

Currently, the chain is advertising a Taylor Gang Turkey Burger, which is advertised as being a juicy turkey burger, topped with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo, served with a side of chips. Additionally, the chain will also be serving Blazed Ends, a brisket meal smothered in a smokey, sweet barbecue sauce.

The restaurant says additional menu items will be added to their website soon.

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