Family wants answers after 12-year-old boy dies from accidental gunshot wound

Cojuan Singleton died after San Antonio police said he accidentally shot himself in the head

SAN ANTONIO – Kenjah Henry never thought her nephew’s life would end the way it did. San Antonio police said Cojuan Singleton died after he accidentally shot himself in the head.

Police arrived to an apartment in the 1100 block of Callaghan Road Friday night. According to police, the 12-year-old got ahold of the loaded gun, which police said belonged to his older brother.

Cojuan’s older brother told officers he was cleaning the gun before he laid it down. Just seconds later, his younger brother picked it up, and that’s when it accidentally fired, according to officials.

Henry said Cojuan’s family and friends have been left heartbroken.

“He is suppose to be playing with his friends, not dead right now. That should not have happened at all," she said.

Cojuan was taken to a nearby hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

Henry provided documents to KSAT, which showed her as a legal guardian to Cojuan and his 13-year-old sister. She said her sister fell on hard times and she stepped in to help.

“Sometimes you need family to come in and that’s what my family is about," Henry said.

She raised her niece and nephew in Baltimore but allowed them to move to San Antonio when their mother became more stable.

However, she said the fresh start came to a tragic end. Officials said Cojuan’s parents were at work when the shooting happened, but his sister and older brother were home.

Police said they questioned family members but charges haven’t been filed against anyone. However, Henry still has questions and believes someone should be held responsible.

“No repercussions. There’s nothing happening. Something needs to happen and I want answers," she said.

She hopes for a further investigation but feels she is living her worst nightmare.

“It does not feel real at all. Like, I have to be dreaming and someone has to wake me up," said Henry.

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