‘Have a happy Thanksgiving,’: Couple says to man who allegedly destroyed their home with his truck

The homeowner inherited the house from his father who just passed away

San Antonio – A couple is wishing the best for the man responsible for destroying their home with his pickup truck Saturday morning.

The incident happened on the Southwest Side at a home on Burd and Fenfield Avenue.

Frank Fonseca and his wife Melissa Pena were home at the time of the destruction.

“We came back from the clinic and our neighbor was calling me out for some reason,” Fonseca said. “He started yelling at me and rattling my gate. I don’t know what he was on but I told him I didn’t want to fight. I told my wife to call the cops. I was trying to do the right thing.”

Fonseca said he has never had any confrontation with his neighbor.

“I actually got along with him,” Fonseca said. “The night before, we were speaking with him and he was saying how his mother had just passed away, so I knew he was going through some stuff. My parents passed away, so I understood his pain, especially being around the holiday.”

They believe when the police showed up to calm the man down, the fact that they were called aggravated their neighbor even more.

'"They just told us to stay away from each other," Fonseca said. “The next thing I knew, I hear this ‘Clack! Clack! Clack!’ I didn’t even think he was destroying my home but when I heard a window break, I thought, ‘Oh man, this dude is going to do something stupid.’”

“He was pushing the gas and trying to go backwards and pushing it again,” Pena said. “He kept going back and forth and we were like, ‘Oh God, he is running into the house.’ I called 911 and they were like you need to be calm and I was like, ‘I don’t know about being calm. You need to get here now!’”

The man ran off, leaving his truck behind and the home the couple just inherited from Fonseca’s father in ruins.

“This is under emergency demolition,” Pena said. “So they are going to demolish it within 49 hours. They think it is going to cave in.”

They said they had big plans to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with their children in the home.

“Now we don’t have a home, so we can’t even place them in our home anymore,” Pena said. “So my grandparents have to hold them for now until we get on our feet again.”

“We just bought so many groceries,” Fonseca said. “So many groceries in the fridge. I can’t get to it or any of my furniture because the home is too unsafe to go in. I was only able to get the turkey out of the fridge. I am going to give it to my brother because I don’t have anywhere to put it or cook it.”

They said recently, they also had their truck stolen, but they are staying positive about life.

“We got an awesome God,” Fonseca said. “When we least expect it, He is right there. As long as we are faithful and being humble. He is going to supply us and keep on supplying us as long as we are doing the right thing.”

Despite losing everything, they said they are praying for their neighbor and others to have a great and fulfilling holiday.

“Have a happy Thanksgiving,” Fonseca said. “Have a nice Thanksgiving. We will be alright. God will take care of everything.”

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About the Authors:

Japhanie Gray is a reporter with KSAT12 News.