East Side family fears loved one’s murder case going cold

After more than a year, San Antonio police said no updates and no arrest have been made in the murder of Anthony Clark

SAN ANTONIO – An East Side family is frustrated their loved one’s murder investigation is still unsolved over a year after he was shot and killed, and they’re searching for clues that could lead to a break in the case.

Anthony Clark, 36, was killed while celebrating a friend’s birthday at the Groove Nightclub on Sept. 1, 2019.

San Antonio police said he was killed by a high-powered rifle from a distance while outside the nightclub.

“Honestly, I am stuck. I can’t tell you or anyone how to move on because I am still trying to move on myself,” said Laveatrice Clark, Anthony Clark’s widow, through tears. “I lean soul to God because my heart is hurt. My heart is broken.”

Anthony Clark’s mother, Barbara Boyd, has also been searching for anything that can help investigators with the case.

“To lose a son is so hard,” Boyd said through tears. “It is so hard. I have lost so many people in my life, but to lose a son is hard. He was a good man.”

Clark would have been 37 in April. He was known for his goofy personality, love for the church and his family, and a hard-working truck driver.

“He knew the Bible,” Boyd said. “He would come up with no Bible and just start talking about God and start giving you scriptures off the top of his head. He was a religious man, so I know he made it to God.”

“I am not here to tell you my husband was perfect. That is not the case for him, or me or anybody out there. I just know my husband was not involved in anything that would have resulted in this,” Laveatrice Clark said. “So I want to know -- our family wants to know -- what happened and why? We want to know why are there so many crimes like this in District 2, where it has been over a year, and still no update on my husband’s case?”

The family says they want justice and for someone to be held accountable.

“It is just frustrating because it seems like police do not care,” Clark said.

Since the shooting, the family worked hard to get the nightclub, which was known for violent crimes, to shut down.

“We had 400 people sign a petition in the community, went out to TABC, did some homework and went down to the courthouse,” Clark said. “Then I got in touch with the state representative’s office and District 2′s office. All of that and all of the phone calls we made, we got it done. There was a lot of legwork on our part but not from within.”

Clark said they are not only frustrated with the police department but the community as well.

“I think the community needs to get more on point with the things that are going on around them and stop allowing things to go on without speaking on them in District 2,” Clark said. “My husband is not the only Black man who has died, and the case has gone unsolved.”

“Put yourself in my position,” Boyd said. “If it was your child, wouldn’t you want this to be gone and solved? You would want someone to find out who did this as soon as possible. When my son left, a part of my life left with him. You don’t want your mother or your family sitting at where we are sitting, so if you know something, let us know.”

If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at (210)224-7867.

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