City of Schertz releases body cam footage of Zekee Rayford arrest

Footage reveals new details of teen’s encounter with Schertz police

SCHERTZ, Texas – After initially declining open records requests for body camera footage of Zekee Rayford’s arrest, the City of Schertz released multiple videos of the incident on Wednesday evening.

Rayford was arrested on Nov. 2 outside his home on Keanna Place. Officers said he ran a red light off Schertz Parkway and did not pull over until he got to his home.

He stood in his driveway with his hands in the air as police pointed their service weapons at him. Then he quickly moved to the home’s front door, knocking on the door to call for his dad. Rayford was tackled and stunned by Officers Danielle Apgar, Frank Chavarria and Megan Fennesy before he was handcuffed and taken into custody. Rayford was charged with evading arrest, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana.

When Kevin Rayford, Zekee Rayford’s father, answered the door, he was visibly upset with police, repeatedly asking why they used the stun gun on his son.

“You better relax, or you’re going to get it next. I promise you, you will,” Chavarria said.

“What is he going to get next?” a family member asked Chavarria.

The body camera footage from the officers captured tense moments between themselves, Rayford and his family in the aftermath of his arrest.

Eventually, officers Chavarria and Fennesy took Zekee Rayford down the street to get checked out by medics, the body cam footage showed.

“That was unnecessary,” Zekee Rayford told the officers.

“Yeah, should have stopped, right? You should have stopped,” Chavarria said.

“It was still unnecessary though. Y’all didn’t have to tase me,” Zekee Rayford said.

Fennesy told Zekee Rayford to exit the car so he can get checked by medics.

“I don’t want to talk. You’re a bad person. I’m uncomfortable around you,” Rayford said. “Get out my face, please.”

Rayford and Fennesy continued talking as Rayford was taken to be processed.

“With your knee?” Rayford asked her again.

“Yes, because you weren’t giving us your hands,” Fennesy said.

“But y’all didn’t have to knee me,” Rayford said.

“Oh OK, thanks for telling my job. I appreciate it. Take it up with your lawyer,” Fennesy responded.

City officials said they previously declined to release the footage from the incident because they were waiting on authorization from the Guadalupe County Attorney’s Office.

Mayor Ralph Gutierrez issued a comment with the release of the footage:

“I fully understand the concerns and public outcry brought about from this incident. The City of Schertz is an inclusive community and one that celebrates all of our residents. My hope is that in every interaction with the City, residents feel respected, valued, and understood. Throughout every situation the City is deeply committed to doing what’s right and at this time, the right thing to do is be as transparent as we can, which is why we are releasing this footage.”

About the Author:

Fares Sabawi has been a journalist in San Antonio for four years. He has covered several topics, but specializes in crime, courts, open records and data visualization.