Myra Arthur: Out of quarantine

KSAT anchor updates viewers on her situation after son, husband testing positive

KSAT anchor Myra Arthur (KSAT)

Oh, what a positive it is to be negative!

My family is out of quarantine 14 days after my son began having a fever.

Quick recap: that fever led us to the pediatrician, which led us to a positive COVID-19 test, which then led us to COVID tests as a family, then a positive result for my husband, and then two weeks of quarantine.

It felt much less quick when we were living it.

I never tested positive for COVID and took a second test 10 days after my son tested positive. Still negative.

We are lucky. On top of COVID, my toddler also had an ear infection. The only symptom he ever showed was a mild fever that subsided two days later. Was COVID to blame or the infection? Or both? I don’t know the answer.

My husband never had symptoms.

My 8-month-old and I never got infected.

We are all so lucky.

We wore masks around the house for 10 days. Disinfecting surfaces was a daily routine. Family temperature checks happened 2 or 3 times a day and we took a slew of doctor-recommended vitamins and supplements. My husband and I woke up every day wondering if that would be the day someone started feeling sick.

I can’t explain why my family’s COVID experience was so mild. We’re all being inundated with tragic, heartbreaking stories of countless families whose lives have been forever changed by this illness. Or people who battle serious symptoms for weeks.

And here I am. Admittedly, not much different than I was two weeks ago.

It could be easy to come out of our quarantine thinking ‘eh, COVID isn’t that big a deal.’

Nope. Not me. Because I know my experience is my own and not the one of the person in front of me in the check out line, or my coworkers, or my son’s classmates and teachers.

We will still be masking and keeping our distance for our sakes and theirs. Living our lives, yes, but in a COVID world until this pandemic ends.

I will always remember that we are lucky.

KSAT 12 News anchor Myra Arthur talks about being quarantined in her home after her husband and young son test positive for COVID-19.


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Myra Arthur is passionate about San Antonio and sharing its stories. She graduated high school in the Alamo City and always wanted to anchor and report in her hometown. Myra anchors KSAT News at 6:00 p.m. and hosts and reports for the streaming show, KSAT Explains. She joined KSAT in 2012 after anchoring and reporting in Waco and Corpus Christi.