Myra Arthur returns to KSAT after birth of second child

The veteran KSAT anchor has been out on maternity leave

KSAT anchor Myra Arthur
KSAT anchor Myra Arthur (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – Veteran KSAT anchor Myra Arthur will return to KSAT Wednesday as she heads back to work after the birth of her second child.

“It’s bittersweet when maternity leave ends. I bet a lot of mamas- and daddies- can relate. I’m eager to get back to my work life and figure out my new routine while working and raising two kids,” Myra said. “I’ve missed anchoring and reporting. But you always worry about your babies when you leave them. And you fear missing out on moments. But when it comes to firsts, the ‘rule’ in our house is if mama didn’t see it, it didn’t happen!”

KSAT’s Myra Arthur gives birth to healthy baby boy

How was Myra’s 'Stay Home’ experience with a toddler and a new baby?

“You know the emoji with the crossed eyes and the tongue sticking out? That. It’s been that. In all seriousness, it’s had its challenges not being able to go to parks or playgrounds or pre-school, but I’ve been fortunate that quarantine happened during maternity leave when I already had plans to spend a lot of time at home,” she said. “We’ve made the most of every inch of our house and backyard. And it has been a blessing to spend this much time as two parents at home with our kids.”

“To the moms and dads who were working from home AND homeschooling... HUGE applause and fist bump emojis to you,” she added.

What did Myra enjoy most about maternity leave?

“Sounds obvious, but spending time with my babies! I’ve been there to say good morning and goodnight and for the hours in between, which has been so nice. I’ve loved watching how much my newborn, even my toddler, have changed in 12 weeks. It’s so amazing to see them grow! Oh, and baby snuggles. I have loved every. single. baby. snuggle.”

What’s next for Myra at KSAT?

Before her maternity leave, Arthur was reporting and anchoring KSAT’s 6 p.m. newscast and the digital-only News at 9. You can still catch her at 6 p.m. each weekday evening, as well as the News at 9 briefs that are now on our Instagram page each weeknight, and a new, weekly news program called KSAT Explains which will premiere on KSAT’s digital platforms on June 18 at 9 p.m.

“The 9 p.m. show has always been an experiment where we get to try something new and out of the box, and I think this is one more step in that direction," Arthur said. "We noticed when we dedicated our show to a single topic and spent an extended amount of time exploring it, people gravitated to that. I think there’s an appetite out there for more in-depth storytelling and we hope to satisfy it. So onto the next phase in the 9 p.m. evolution.”

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