‘You are worth getting help:’ Daughters speak out after losing mother to domestic abuse

After Stone Oak murder-suicide, two sisters telling community about warning signs


SAN ANTONIO – Sisters Megan Castro and Lauren Trussell are still living with grief every day. Their mother Gabriella Munivar, whose married name was Albright, was murdered by her husband on Sept. 2, 2020, in their Stone Oak home.

Gabriella never told her daughters that her relationship was abusive and now the sisters are sending a message of support to others struggling in their community.

“Our mom was the epitome of a mother,” Castro said. “She was really gentle, loving, a very safe place for us. Regardless of where mom was, that’s where home was for us.”

“When you would cry she would just hold you and comfort you,” Trussell said. “She would always answer our phone calls no matter what time of day, even if it was for something silly.”

Their family has owned one of the largest shops in the Historic Market Square for years, Gabriella was a beloved staple in the community.

“She would make friends with the tourists and customers coming in and send them gifts all over the country,” Trussell said. “She would keep in touch with them and become friends with them. That’s just how she was.”

As kids, Castro and Trussell never knew their mother had been in an abusive relationship with their father for 30 years.

“She was good at hiding it,” Castro said. “But it escalated to where she had to tell us because it was becoming physical.”

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