Widow hopes legacy of late husband inspires their 11-month-old daughter

Officer Matthew Krupa’s body to be flown back to Pennsylvania where he is from.

SAN ANTONIO – The widow of an NEISD officer who died in a crash is making it her mission to share his legacy with their 11-month-old baby girl.

Officer Matthew David Krupa, 27, was killed on his way to work when a car pulled out in front of him, causing his truck to roll over.

Emylee Krupa, his wife, was devastated when she got the news.

“I got a text from a friend and it was a news article saying a 27-year-old was killed in a crash,” Krupa said. “I thought, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I tried calling him and his phone went to voicemail. Called his work and then police came over and told me he died in a car crash. It doesn’t feel like real life and I wish it wasn’t real life.”

Krupa said her husband loved his job.

“He worked with the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office but moved over to NEISD to be closer to us,” Krupa said. “He loved the thrill of it all. He loved helping people and being hero. In my opinion he was a hero. He pulled me over and that is how we met.”

She said he loved serving his community, but his greatest accomplishment was being an amazing dad.

He was excited to celebrate Mayleigh Krupa’s first birthday, which is in March.

“He just loved with his whole heart,” Krupa said. “He wanted to do anything and everything for his daughter.”

One of the many special memories Krupa said she will hold to her heart was one of their last trips to Walmart.

“It was just the other day when we were there and we were walking past one of those big teddy bears,” Krupa said. “Her face lit up and he just had to get it for her. He handed it to her and said, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day.’ It was perfect because now he is not going to be here for her first Valentine’s Day so now, she will always have that to remember him by.”

She said their entire family is heartbroken by this loss.

“Everyone is taking it super hard,” Krupa said. “He was really close with his dad. It is just awful.”

The family and loved ones are raising money to help pay for May’s future education.

She said she will share the many memories they all had with the rock of their family.

“When I look at her, I see her dad,” Krupa said. “All she does is walk around saying, ‘Dada.’ I definitely want her to know right away that that is her daddy. I want her to say that is daddy and she will know how much he loved and cared for her and wanted everything for her.”

If you would like to help with raising money for the family, contact Michael Maddox at 940-613-5189.

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