Having your home inspected every 2-3 years can be very beneficial, experts say

Cold weather can take a toll on your house

Having your home inspected every 2-3 years can be very beneficial, experts say

Much like you, your home requires periodic checkups, especially as we’re all continuing to spend more time at home.

Having a comprehensive check-up of your home during the cooler months can be very beneficial. in fact, this may even be a good time to have a formal home inspection.

Although many of us only have our house inspected when we purchase it, it’s a great habit to have an inspection every 2-3 years.

“If you notice icicles hanging from your gutters, you could either have clogged gutters, or ice damming. Both of those prevent water from properly draining and can lead to big problems for your home,” Co-founder of Angie’s list, Angie Hicks, said.

Mother Nature isn’t the only one creating potential hazards during the winter months. You might be accidentally creating some yourself.

“Studies have shown that the winter months run the highest risk for electrical fires in the homes. They can be the result of too much electricity being pulled, either from electric heaters or extension cords. When heat builds, it can cause a fire.” Angie Hicks said. “If you find that some areas of your home are warm while others are cold, it might be a good idea to consider an energy audit. In an audit, the auditor will actually come and go room-by-room to see what improvements should be made to keep your house cozy and snug.”

A professional will conduct thermography scans and other tests, but you can perform a rough inspection yourself, check for cold air near windows and places that tend to be cool and look for any cracks or holes that need sealed.

If you do discover unwanted guests, seal off any potential point of entry and consider hiring a pest control service for professional assistance.

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