‘Dead Man’s Curve’: Northwest Side homeowners want deadly Prue Road segment fixed

In 20 years, five vehicles have crashed into a family’s backyard fence

SAN ANTONIO – Northwest Side homeowners living on Prue Road are concerned about the increasing number of crashes on a segment of the road called “Dead Man’s Curve” and asking the city to find a solution to slow down drivers.

Robert and Belinda Hughes say five vehicles have crashed into their backyard fence in 20 years.

“Most recently, it has been occurring more frequently this last year, about a month and a half apart,” Robert said.

No members of the Hughes family have been injured in any of the crashes, but they have had to replace landscape and outdoor furniture. However, they fear something more grave may just be around the corner.

“All of this can be replaced, but if you happen to come over here, we may lose a life or two,” Robert said, pointing toward the corner of the house. “It’s just a bedroom right there.”

Belinda, on the other hand, said she has had enough and is ready to move.

“Everybody takes that curve like they’re speed racing because it’s such a winding road. They take it real fast, and you can hear them,” Belinda said.

A few houses down, Erik Saenz says that in his 15 years of living in the area, he has witnessed a lot of crashes into light poles, fences and the median.

“You hear the squeals. You hear the losing control,” Saenz said. “You hear the tires squealing, and you kind of sit there and cringe and you’re, like, waiting to hear it.”

Saenz said that the light pole behind his house has been replaced multiple times.

Neighbors say they want action taken, like extending the rail along the road, adding a traffic light to slow down vehicles and for police to take a look at how fast vehicles are going and how many crashes have taken place in the area.

San Antonio City Council District 8 Councilman Manny Pelaez issued the following statement about the problem:

Safety concerns are my top priority, and we are working to identify short- and long-term solutions with SAPD and Public Works.

“Although some of the long-term solutions may take time to develop, we will continue to coordinate between the City departments and neighbors.

“No one should go to sleep worrying if a reckless driver will crash into their home or hurt someone they love.”

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