SA Women’s Chamber of Commerce aims to help women succeed despite pandemic-induced challenges

Dr. Yvonne Katz, with the San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce, joined Leading SA on Sunday

SAN ANTONIO – March is Women’s History Month, and we know women have been instrumental to the success of our city and our business community.

That is why Dr. Yvonne Katz, with the San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce, joined Leading SA on Sunday to discuss the chamber’s programs and initiatives that further promote women’s success in the workforce.

“Well, our mission is to promote the business, economic and leadership development of women. And this mission informed our direction in terms of, number one, rebranding ourselves as the educational chamber years ago, as well as to define four major educational programs: our Transformational Leadership Development Program, our Bloomberg Business Program, the Smart Women Program and our Power Hour Luncheon Programs,” Dr. Katz said.

Some of the chamber’s programs are spread out over the course of several months, but it’s all part of helping women succeed and aiding the future of our local economy.

“The Transformational Leadership Program is a six-month-long program. So is the Bloomberg Business Program is in partnership with the University of the Incarnate Word. And then our other two programs are of lesser time frames. But the Smart Women Program helps businesswomen with current business issues, as well as professional and personal issues,” Dr. Katz said.

The business world has not been easy over the last year during the coronavirus pandemic, but the San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce is working with local companies to adapt.

“We are helping our businesses and corporations to understand, you know, that women have had to do everything during this pandemic. They not only are working from home, they’re teachers of their children at home, they’re loving wives, they’re cleaning the house. They’re taking care of aging parents that they can maybe only talk to or visit on Facetime. So it’s been extremely stressful. And we know that the telecommuting that has taken place, the flexible hours, if they did go into the office, are flexible hours at home working or a hybrid of. These are two major pieces, three major pieces that we want to help corporations assess and hopefully keep for their women workers,” Dr. Katz said.

You can watch the full interview with Dr. Katz in the video player above.

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