58% of Bexar County residents 65 or older have received COVID-19 vaccine

Metro Health officials hope to have 70% of population vaccinated by the end of summer

People check in for their COVID-19 vaccine appointments at University Health’s mass vaccine site at Wonderland Mall. Courtesy: Mark Greenberg, Photographer / Visual Content Creator, University Health (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – Recent vaccine analysis shows 58% of Bexar County residents 65 years of age and older and 30% of residents age 16 or older have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

San Antonio Assistant City Manager Dr. Colleen Bridger attributed the numbers to Metro Health and community partners reaching out to vulnerable populations to make sure residents had access to vaccine appointments, educational information and are connected to resources needed.

“We are very proud of the collaboration that has taken place with all vaccination providers here in Bexar County to ensure the health of our residents. We will continue our pursuit of having over 70% of our population vaccinated by the end of the summer to achieve a safer and healthier community. The prevalence of COVID-19 is at its lowest point since we started measuring, our hospitalization numbers have finally decreased below 200 and all other indicators are trending in the right direction. Our fight against COVID 19 is not over, but we are making really great progress,” said Dr. Colleen Bridger, Assistant City Manager.

Bridger said as Metro Health continues to receive a consistent allocation of vaccines, the four mass vaccination sites and dozens of hospitals, pharmacies, Community Health Centers, and private physician’s offices will continue to provide as many appointments as possible to meet the local vaccination demand.

Since early January, the Healthy Neighborhoods team and the COVID-19 Community Health & Prevention team were deployed to increase appointments for high-risk populations in focused outreach areas that were determined based on their equity index score, COVID-19 case count in the area, and COVID-19 mortality in the area, according to a news release.

Metro Health, in partnership with UT Health and local nonprofit agencies, have completed several mobile, community vaccination clinics in marginalized neighborhoods that were selected based on the equity index score and on special populations served by those agencies, such as Native Americans, Immigrants, refugees, non-English speaking, homeless, and LGBTQIA.

You can view the vaccination analysis below:

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