Tossing and turning? Adjustable pillow may be key to sounder sleep

Consumer Reports takes inside look at three popular pillows

SAN ANTONIO – If you’re tossing and turning, the culprit could be your pillow.

“Sometimes you may need more than what a standard pillow can provide,” said Consumer Reports’ Haniya Rae.

Enter adjustable pillows. They’re packed with filling made of different materials and inserts that you can adjust to make it just right.

Consumer Reports took an inside look at three.

The $90 Avocado Green pillow is filled with shredded pieces of organic latex foam and fibers from a kapok tree. You unzip to add or remove stuffing.

The $60 premium adjustable Loft Pillow from Coop Home Goods is filled with shredded memory foam and microfiber.

The $130 Sleep Number ComfortFit pillow has three separate inserts made of memory foam and down alternative fibers. You can add or remove the inserts, but you can’t break them down any further.

Consumer Reports tested each to see how well it holds up and supports various sizes of people. What they found is that all three offer excellent support for both back sleepers, who need a flatter pillow, and side sleepers, who need more filling.

Both the Coop and the Avocado come with a 100-day free trial. The Sleep Number is not returnable, but you can get a one-time exchange.

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