Two SAPD officers suspended for inappropriate comments in separate incidents, records show

Officers suspended for a combined 40 days

SAN ANTONIO – Disciplinary documents obtained Monday by KSAT 12 News revealed suspensions for two San Antonio police officers in July who made a slew of inappropriate comments in separate incidents.

Officers Jacob Borroel and William Watson were both suspended for similar violations that occurred while they were handling calls. Borroel was suspended for 15 days, while Watson was suspended for 25 days.

On Jan. 21, Borroel was dispatched to the 5300 block of Howard Street for an “assist the public” call, according to the suspension records. When he arrived, he focused his attention on two people who “appeared to be intoxicated,” though neither of them was involved in the call he was dispatched for.

The officer’s body camera caught him making several derogatory comments toward one of those people, identified as Nicasio Catalano, according to the records.

When Catalano told the officer to “get the f—k out of here,” Borroel exited his patrol vehicle and confronted Catalano, according to the records.

“Hey, f—ker, you want to have a problem with me,” Borroel asked him.

Borroel also pulled out his stun gun during the altercation and continued provoking Catalano, according to the documents.

“Come on f—ker, now you’re gonna go to jail,” Borroel allegedly told him, before adding, “you’re going to get f—king tased.”

Borroel failed to de-escalate, officials wrote, despite the fact that Catalano “appeared to not have been providing even passive resistance to Officer Borroel.”

Records show that Borroel arrested Catalano on suspicion of retaliation. Court records showed the charge was dismissed after a grand jury opted not to indict Catalano.

On Dec. 23, 2020, Watson was investigating a crash that occurred in the 7000 block of Gibbs-Sprawl Road. One of the drivers involved, a 17-year-old girl, was given a courtesy ride home to her mother despite showing signs of intoxication.

The girl was later taken to the hospital, where her blood alcohol content was measured at .174, according to the documents.

“Officer Watson failed to take prompt and effective police action when he neglected to administer the Standard Field Sobriety Tests,” officials wrote in the document.

During the call, Watson’s body camera caught him making several disparaging remarks.

“This idiot seventeen year old didn’t see them,” Watson said while handling the call.

Watson was also caught mocking a citizen’s accent, according to the records.

Officer Christopher Cavazos was also suspended for 10 days in June for his handling of the call with Watson, records showed. Cavazos was cited for failing to investigate the incident as a drunk driving crash.

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