Murder trial of John Scharringhausen begins as courts reopen after COVID-19 shutdown

John Scharringhausie on trial for Jan. 2020 murder on city’s Northwest Side

Murder trial of John Scharringhausin begins as courts reopen after COVID-19 shutdown

SAN ANTONIO – After being shut down for two months due to the Delta Variant surge, in-person jury trials are underway again at the courthouse.

The first trial to start this week is that of John Scharringhausen. He’s accused of the Jan. 2020 murder of Anthony Sanks.

Sanks was gunned down outside his apartment on San Antonio’s Northwest Side. Police say Scharringhausin lured Sanks outside by texting him to meet him in the parking lot.

After Scharringhausen pleaded not guilty, the trial began Monday in the 226th District Court.

Both sides presented opening arguments and the state put several witnesses on the stand.

At some point, Scharringhausen himself is expected to take the stand.

If found guilty he is facing 5 to 99 years or life in prison.


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