5 incumbent judges lose their seats in the primary election

A look at the judges who won’t be returning in 2023

SAN ANTONIO – There were more than a dozen judicial races up for grabs in the primary election Tuesday, while some judges are celebrating after Tuesday night, other incumbent judges are not.

Results showed that five incumbent judges lost and won’t secure another term.

Those races included:

  • 289th District Judge Carlos Quezada — lost to Rose Sosa in the Democratic primary.
  • Bexar County Court at Law No. 2 Judge Grace Uzomba — did not make the runoff in the Democratic primary which will be between Melissa Saenz and Maria Teresa Garcia.
  • Bexar County Court at Law No. 5 Judge John Longoria — lost to Andrea Arevalos in the Democratic primary.
  • Bexar County Court at Law No. 7 Judge Michael De Leon — lost to Melanie Lira in the Democratic primary.
  • Bexar County Court at Law No. 10 Judge J. Frank Davis — lost to Cesar Garcia in the Democratic primary.

There were no surprises for 226th District Court Judge Velia Meza who has no opponent in November’s general election and will therefore be elected to a second term.

“I’m very honored for the support, not just of the voters, but also the people who come in front of me,” Meza said.

Judicial races can oftentimes be an afterthought during elections at the bottom of a ballot, but Meza urges voters to take a closer look at who’s running.

“These are very important races and they need to make a deliberate effort to understand what judges do and vote for the best person in that race,” Meza said.

The general election will take place on Nov. 8.


About the Authors:

Erica Hernandez is an Emmy award-winning journalist with15 years of experience in the broadcast news business. Erica has covered a wide array of stories all over Central and South Texas. She's currently the court reporter and cohost of the podcast Texas Crime Stories.