7 big mistakes college grads make when it comes to finding their first job

One common mistake new grads make: only applying for ideal jobs.

SAN ANTONIO – ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) --- Graduating from college is an exciting and stressful time. You’ve put the work in at college and you’re ready to get a full-time job, but landing your first job out of college isn’t always easy.

One common mistake new grads make: only applying for ideal jobs. Many grads have to start at an entry-level position to gain experience. And you might have to take something outside of your field.

One study found only 27% of employees had jobs directly relating to their undergraduate degree. A survey of over 250 employers revealed inappropriate or ineffective written communication was cited as the most common mistake grads make.

Also, 48% of those surveyed said recent graduates didn’t ask enough or appropriate questions at job interviews. Forty seven percent said the applicants arrived late to interviews.

Experts say you should arrive a little early, research the company, and ask a minimum of three prepared questions. Not networking is another mistake. Only about 50% of available job openings are ever published online, which means you need to network to find them.

Applicants are also 10 times more likely to land a job if their application includes a referral. Not following up after an interview is another common mistake.

While you don’t want to come across as a pest, it’s a good idea to ask about the status of your position or thank the hiring manager for meeting with you.

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