Gas thief still on the run a week after siphoning San Antonio man’s gas, police say

The investigation continues and suspect details are limited

SAN ANTONIO – As gas prices continue to rise, everyone is feeling the pain at the pump. It seems it might be driving some people to desperate measures, like stealing gas.

That’s what one family thinks after their dad’s truck’s gas was siphoned.

“There’s just no respect and no embarrassment. Stealing from other people who worked so hard for what they have,” said the daughter of the victim. She wished to remain anonymous.

She tells us her dad is a cross guard at Kate Schenck Elementary School. On the last day of school, back on June 2nd, he was robbed of his gas. She said while he was getting the kids to school safely around 7:30 a.m., someone pulled up to his truck that was parked across the street.

“He saw the guy get off his truck but he didn’t know what he was doing. It wasn’t until my dad started walking up the sidewalk, he noticed he was under his truck. He yelled at him, the guy got up, left a gas can, a piece of the hose and also a funnel,” said the man’s daughter.

She also said the suspect drilled a hole into her dad’s truck’s gas tank. In total, it cost her father $300 in damages.

She adds money is tight for her parents but she and her siblings were able to help them out.

She said her family is frustrated --it’s been over a week and the person responsible still hasn’t been caught. She hopes security cameras from neighboring businesses help police track down the person responsible.

“Everybody be vigilant of where you park. Be aware of all your surroundings. Keep your eyes and ears open and we need to just watch out for one and other,” said the daughter.

We reached out to San Antonio police. At this time all they could say is this statement:

“This report is not ready to be released yet. Here is preliminary information. Synopsis: The victim’s vehicle was parked at the listed location when an unknown suspect drilled a hole into her gas tank and stole the gas out of her vehicle. This is still an active and ongoing investigation.”

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