‘We have plenty of staff’: Bexar County election judges prepare for Election Day

Election officials expect long lines and are urging patience among voters

The Bexar County election judges are preparing for long lines on Election Day.

The Bexar County election judges are preparing for long lines on Election Day.

There was a lot of pressure on the number of voting locations this year after a judge ordered the county to add over 100 extra polling locations and staff, each one within two weeks.

Election judges drove up Saturday morning to receive their election kits filled with instructions and forms for Election Day.

Sally Salyer is a presiding election judge.

She thought handing out election kits would be hectic after the county was ordered to add more polling locations.

The county was sued by the Texas Organizing Project, who claimed there were not enough polling locations required by law. A judge ordered additional polling places be set and staffed within two weeks.

“I thought, I better hurry up and get in there. But instead it’s been running smoothly,” Salyer said.

Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen said the process went smoothly overall, thanks to volunteers.

“Our election officials feel such a part of this family that they come in and they volunteer to assist us in this massive project,” Salyer said.

Bexar County sheriff’s deputies were watching the drive-thru and directing traffic.

Early voting numbers this year appear to have fallen by 13% compared to the last midterm.

There was an 11% increase in registered voters in Bexar County.

Salyer is asking voters to be patient on Election Day.

“I’m sorry for the lines. We have plenty of staff now to help, and I hope that they have a pleasant experience,” Salyer said.

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