Northeast Side gun shop targeted by would-be burglar

Ranger Firearms has been hit three times since 2020, owner says

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police and some strong metal locks appear to have stopped a burglary suspect from getting into a Northeast Side gun shop.

Edward DeWees, the owner of Ranger Firearms, told KSAT 12 News that he got a call from police around 5 a.m. Tuesday, telling him that someone had attempted to break into his business.

When he arrived in the 1300 block of Austin Highway, he said he noticed that someone had tried to break through a protective metal box surrounding one of the locks outside his front door.

DeWees said he also saw the suspect on video captured by his surveillance cameras.

He said he believes the man on camera is one of four people who successfully have broken into his gun shop two other times since 2020.

This time, DeWees said, the suspect did not get inside.

Police arrived in the area and set up a quadrant in a nearby neighborhood.

Officers with flashlights could be seen searching streets and backyards.

They confirmed they did find a saw abandoned in an alley, which they believe the suspect had been using.

DeWees said officers also told him they caught the suspect. However, police did not confirm that.

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