SAISD elementary school gets visit from traveling dinosaur museum

Dinosaur George has spent more than 25 years teaching students

SAN ANTONIO – Huppertz Elementary School students got a unique opportunity to see exhibits of prehistoric life from around the world at Dinosaur George’s Traveling Museum on Tuesday.

The schools gym was transformed into a dinosaur museum and students participated in a scavenger hunt.

“I have pieces from China, Russia, Africa, South America, Mexico. You name it. Australia,” said George Blasing, owner of Dinosaur George’s traveling museum.

The unique museum roars through the elementary schools and students learned from Blasing, a self-taught paleontologist and animal behaviorist.

“Kids walk into their gym and see its been converted into a museum that’s an impact alone. But the real impact is when I’m approached by a young person who sees me somewhere else who will say, ‘I want to be a paleontologist,” Blasing said.

Blasing has spent over 25 years teaching students about dinosaurs.

“I wanted to bring science, especially to the communities that don’t have it,” Blasing said.

The public and families are invited to take part in the Dinosaur George experience at Huppertz Elementary School. Tickets for the public event from 5 – 7 p.m. will cost $4 for adults and $2 for children.

“I do have a museum. I just opened at Traders Village. So I have a free dinosaur museum at Traders Village where I have big pieces,” Blasing said.

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