‘Resilience, recovery, healing’: Texas Tribune hosts discussion for Uvalde community ahead of one year mark

KSAT will honor victims of the Robb Elementary shooting with ‘One Year In: Uvalde’, an in-depth report, on May 24 at 9 p.m.

SAN ANTONIO – The victim’s families of Robb Elementary are living proof time does not heal all. Kimberly Rubio and Veronica Mata took the stage at Southwest Texas Junior College to discuss life since May 24th.

“It’s the worst feeling ever walking into your house and not hearing the TVs, not hearing her running in the hallway,” said Veronica Mata, Tess Mata’s mom.

As the one-year mark approaches, The Texas Tribune hosted a discussion to help keep the Uvalde community moving forward and healing. The community engagement event discussed resilience, recovery, and healing.

Each part of the event had guest speakers from mental health professionals, families of victims, and local faith leaders.

“We have hope of change, we have hope of transparency, we have hope of healing, but it requires as a community to heal,” said Jacklyn Gonzalez, a professional counselor Victims’ families took questions from both the Texas Tribune moderator and those in attendance.

Rubio and Mata spoke of the nearly one-year journey without their loved ones and how they channeled their grief to make a difference.

“We go to the capital, and we’re asking politicians to change, but it starts at the ground level. It’s changing hearts and minds with everyday people,” said Kimberly Rubio, Lexi’s mother.

Before the political push for gun reform, families had to deal with the tragedy at hand and sorrow and made friendships through bonds of pain.

“It’s like they sense when I’m having a bad day, you know, Kim will just send me a text, ‘Love you’ ‘Are you doing okay?’” said Mata, and Rubio added, “When we’re together, it’s a little bit of relief, talking about the girls as if they’re in the other room.”

KSAT will honor victims of the Robb Elementary shooting with ‘One Year In: Uvalde’, an in-depth report, on May 24 at 9 p.m.


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