Local veteran finds new passion for life after opening up mobile personal training business

Marlene Zander did three tours in Iraq before retiring from the Army.

Marlene Zander served our country for 10 years. She served three tours in Iraq before she was severely injured.

On Zander’s last tour, her vehicle was struck by an IED and Zander received a traumatic brain injury.

“I developed a seizure disorder. I would have like 10-12 seizures a day. I couldn’t really walk but five feet without having one,” said Zander.

After returning from Iraq, Zander struggled. She was diagnosed with a seizure disorder, PTSD and depression. All of this really hurt Zander’s mental and physical health.

Zander reached out to the military nonprofit, Semper Fi & America’s Fund for help. With their support, Zander was able to start turning her life around.

“It amplified my mental health, my physical health, I started to feel better about me,” Zander said.

Semper Fi & America’s Fund helped put Zander through an entrepreneur program so she could open up her own business.

After completing the program, Zander opened Fitness Brigade, a mobile personal training business.

“I cater to those who are house-bound, adaptive or children who are on the spectrum,” said Zander.

Zander will take Fitness Brigade to people who want her training, or they can come to her. She works with whatever is best for her customers. She says this has given her a renewed sense of purpose.

“Developing comradery with others and getting back into, you know, having that friendship with others or understanding others that are like-minded with me,” Zander said.

You keep up with Fitness Brigade by visiting this Facebook page.

About the Author:

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