Employees caught off-guard after hearing of sudden closure of private SA hospital

Acuity Hospital of South Texas announces plans to close by mid-July

By RJ Marquez - Digital Content Curator, Jessie Degollado - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - A private hospital located north of downtown San Antonio has announced plans to close by mid-July.

Acuity Hospital of South Texas announced plans to close its long-term acute care hospital on July 14, 2018.

The 30-bed hospital is located in the 700 block of Lexington Avenue.

Declining revenue and industry changes have led to financial loss in this market, according to a statement from Acuity Healthcare.

The patients at the hospital have been transferred to other facilities. 

Employees who worked at the hospital said they were caught off-guard when they heard about the closure.

"Eleven years I put into that hospital and this is how I'm treated? It's just unfair. One hundred thirty-seven employees without a job and they don't tell anybody? How unfair is that?" said Olga Santigo, who worked as a cardiac monitor technician.

"To me, I found it very underhanded the way they handled it, and like my friend Olga said, (it is) very unprofessional. It's like we're a dish rag. We were used and then discarded," said Christine Graham, who worked as a licensed vocational nurse.

The employees said they haven't been told anything about severance pay, the personal time they're owed or help finding other jobs.

The hospital has been part of the San Antonio community since 2008 and provided care to 3,365 patients during that time.

According to the statement, Acuity Healthcare is "committed to ensuring support for employees and physicians during the transition."

Acuity Healthcare is an employee-owned long-term acute care (LTACH) hospital company that was founded in 2001, according to the company's website.

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