Texas woman goes viral on TikTok for oddly satisfying cleaning videos

Do you know how to clean your mattress?

AUSTIN, Texas – One Texas woman has amassed more than 2 million followers on TikTok after starting a cleaning channel during quarantine.

Vanesa Amaro, co-owner of Amaros Cleaning based in Austin, said she’s always been into cleaning and has been doing it for seven years. After her husband was laid off three years ago, he joined her and they started the business which has become even more successful after Amaro’s surprise hit videos.

“I was just bored in quarantine. I was going to clean my bathroom and realized a lot of people were never taught how to clean properly or what products they should use,” she told KSAT in a phone interview Tuesday.

Amaro said she started to realize that things she considered to be basic cleaning knowledge were things a lot of people didn’t know.

“I just started sharing and it became a big deal,” Amaro said.

Some of the most commonly asked questions she gets on social media are what her favorite cleaning products are, how often people should clean certain things, and if she has a cleaning schedule.

Amaro also said social media users have asked what to do if they have no motivation to clean. “The hardest part is starting - because once you start it’s so easy to just keep going. It kind of becomes addictive.”

Another tip? Make a list of what you want to accomplish so you can stay focused Amaro said.

One of the most important things that Amaro said she wants people to know is that “you don’t need a lot to start cleaning. A lot of people think you need all these products. All you really need is a sponge, dish soap, and bleach.”

“I tell my subscribers not to get discouraged and just take it step by step,” Amaro said.

Check out the video in the video player above to see Amaro’s tips on how to fold your towels like a spa (a video that went viral on TikTok), things you can do before your housekeeper arrives and how to clean your TV.

Another question Amaro gets asked all the time is if she is taking on new clients. “No, we are totally and completely booked. We have a waiting list of about 40-50 houses.”

Her TikTok can be found here.

Until then you’ll have to take Amaro’s cleaning tips and tricks and try them yourself:

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