Deaf dog learns non-verbal training, now ready for adoption

Residents can adopt dog from SA Humane Society

SAN ANTONIO – A deaf dog that has been at the San Antonio Humane Society since December is now ready for adoption.

According to Veronica Perez, public relations associate for the organization, Devyn the dog was a stray that was picked up by Animal Control Services.

“She is deaf because she does not respond to sound,” Perez said. “She is learning with visual and touch cues, and of course, she works with our volunteer trainers regularly.”

Perez said, at first, Devyn was uncontrollable because she is so active, but thanks to the work of her trainers, she is learning more manners.

“She is obedient, and she is learning,” Perez said. “Someone dedicated can teach her how to sit and stay and how to get down.”

Devyn was adopted in January by a family, but ACS picked her up off the streets again and she has been back at the San Antonio Humane Society ever since.

“Before, when she didn't know some commands, it may have been a little difficult for someone to adopt her because they were a little nervous to adopt a dog with issues like that,” Perez said.

Perez said because Devyn is still highly active, her next home needs to be a dedicated family with no kids but enough time to train and love her.

“She is a special dog. She has her quirks, but she is a sweet girl. She deserves to be loved like any other dog,” Perez said.

If you are interested in adopting Devyn, contact the San Antonio Humane Society at 210-226-7461 or visit its location at 4804 Fredericksburg Road.

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