Crazy Churro Desserts, Chicken Wings, Coffee & Tea All At One Spot!

David Elder Takes You Inside Churroholic

SAN ANTONIO – Churroholic is a California-based dessert shop that serves up churros, teas, coffees, & fried appetizers - like their sauced and dry-rubbed chicken wings.

Their wings can get drenched in sauces like mango habanero, sweet chile, sweet & sour and buffalo plus two dry rub seasonings lemon pepper and Cajun.

Churroholic also serves up popcorn chicken and fries with your choice of sauces.

They also have - get this - fresh calamari & deep-fried tofu.

From sweet and fruity to coffee drinks packed with caffeine - the shop has a ton of drink options like chamoy mango, bubble teas and caramel frappuccino.

The drinks and appetizers are amazing - and when you’re ready for dessert - they’ve got you covered.

Freshly made churros get made with your choice of toppings including fruity pebbles, sprinkles, matcha sauce, chocolate sauce, white chocolate sauce, nuts and more.

One of the best dessert creations at Churroholic is the churro dessert sandwich - served with any ice cream you want and rolled in any topping.

Last but certainly not least - the churro sundae. A mound of diced hot churros gets topped with whipped cream, ice cream, toffee, coconut shavings and chocolate and caramel sauce.

Everything at Churroholic is delicious - and worth visiting at least 30 times in the next week.

Churroholic is located at 4138 S New Braunfels Ave #103, San Antonio, TX 78223.

To get more info on Churroholic San Antonio, head to their Facebook page.

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