Help your child get immediate medical attention: Call-A-Nurse hotline is available 24/7

Call 210-22-nurse (226-8773) if your child is ill or injured

SAN ANTONIO – Are you a parent with a newborn or a child at home?

Even with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s incredibly crucial to take your child to the emergency room if he or she is ill or experiencing persistent symptoms.

Dr. Robert Stewart, with pediatric emergency at Methodist Children’s Hospital, advises if a child has persistent symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, and fever after Motrin or Tylenol, he or she should definitely come in.

If you find yourself scared to seek emergent care or to visit the ER due to the risk of COVID, Methodist Children’s Hospital assures you that its staff is taking all the proper precautions.

“We are taking additional measures to ensure the safety of our families and our patients,” Stewart said. “Beyond the mask, we’ve have done health screenings at the door and temperature screenings at the door.”

The hospital also has an emergency hotline Call-A-Nurse available 24/7 to answer your health care questions.

“Hospital emergency rooms, including our pediatric ER, are open and still a safe and clean space for your child to receive treatment,” said a representative for the hospital.

Use Methodist Children’s Hospital’s Call-A-Nurse under these circumstances: