Recipe: Beef fajitas with poblano peppers + onions by Jess Pryles

Check out the tender cut this grilling pro subs, special pan she uses for veggies

SAN ANTONIO – She’s been featured on the Food Network and has more than 100K followers on Instagram. Now pro griller Jess Pryles is sharing her recipe for extra tender beef fajitas with SA Live.

A different cut of meat will make these beef fajitas extra tender, Pryles said. She uses outside skirt with her own Hardcore Carnivore Meatchelada chili lime seasoning for the rub.

Watch the recipe in the video above for pointers and to see a special grilling pan Pryles uses so doesn’t lose any veggies to the flames.

Australian by birth, Texan by choice, her cookbook, Hardcore Carnivore, has more than 100 recipes for hardcore meat lovers. You can find out more about Pryles on her website.

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