Everyone loves a good dessert, but have you tried grilling your sweets?

Grill your dessert at your next cookout - you won’t regret it

Delicious grilled desserts | SA Live | KSAT
Delicious grilled desserts | SA Live | KSAT

San Antonio – Chef Kimberly Barnes, founder of Might Be Vegan, shared a few great ways to change up your normal desserts by throwing them on the grill!

Bernes showed us some of her recipes, including grilled donuts topped with ice cream and a berry rum sauce and grilled fruit kabobs. She skewered pineapple, peaches, bananas and watermelon, then topped the fruit with maple syrup, lime juice, coconut and some ancho chili powder after pulling it off of the grill.

You can find out more about chef Barnes, her program, “Food Love” and her recipe ideas at the Might Be Vegan website.