Easy exercises to start feeling the burn in 2021

San Antonio personal trainer helps you stick to your workouts

What you need to get started on your 2021 fitness plan

SAN ANTONIO – Most people have fitness goals when they start the new year, but sticking to them is another story. Joseph Brooks from Next Level Personal Training wants to help.

His first tip is have someone keep you accountable. Whether it’s a personal trainer or a friend or family member have someone reminding you to stick to your goal. A text, phone call, or even a reminder on your phone can be the extra push you need to do your workout for the day.

Second, don’t make it a resolution, make it a lifestyle. For fitness to stick, you have to keep it going all year long, not just the first few weeks or months of the year.

Third, make it convenient. Working out at home might be the easiest thing to do, but if your not sure what exercise to do, Joseph Brooks has a few that will work for everyone. Check out the video for a detailed explanation of the exercises.

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