The SA Live Pie Bake-Off: Pie vs. pie for a slice of victory

National Pie Day is Jan. 23, so that means it’s time for a good, old fashioned pie contest

SAN ANTONIO – We’re not letting National Pie Day pass us by without celebrating it with baked goodies!

Mike, Jen and the SA Live team baked up a storm Thursday night so they could see who makes the best, tastiest pie ahead of National Pie Day on Saturday.

Our friends from Cake Art had a chance to judge six pies made by the SA Live team. Watch the video to see who won. Here’s a hint: the victor might store their bragging rights in a pie chest.

Cake Art also shared a recipe for a no-bake chocolate silk pie. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to make.

You can find Cake Art at Legacy Shops on Highway 281 in San Antonio. For more information, check out their website.

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