Life hack: 3 tips to make Easter baskets on a budget

Mix & match at Goodwill San Antonio to create gift-filled baskets that will have your ‘little bunnies’ hopping for joy

Filling up Easter baskets can cost a bundle, but not at Goodwill San Antonio! Watch the video to see how you can load up your baskets for less and still make all your little bunnies happy.

SAN ANTONIO – Filling up Easter baskets can cost a bundle, but not with this local life hack!

Goodwill San Antonio stores are blooming with inspiration for easy, creative and affordable Easter basket ideas. With baskets and items from Goodwill, you can build your own baskets - with everything in them - for as little as $5.

Families can also find pre-assembled Easter baskets at Goodwill San Antonio locations. They range in price from $4.99 to $29.99.

Watch the video above to see Mike, Fiona and Penny Benavidez, director of public relations with Goodwill San Antonio, show us how to make three styles of DIY Easter baskets.

Here are some tips from Goodwill to get you started:

Tip 1 - A tisket a tasket, find an Easter basket. Goodwill stores continuously stock a variety of baskets in all shapes, sizes and materials. Find wicker or plastic baskets, pails, pottery or even kitchen colanders to hold your Easter items. Consider painting a container in a pastel color for an instant splash of springtime color.

Tip 2 – Be a designer and create an Easter liner. Instead of the traditional Easter grass, consider using unique items such as pastel scarves, hand towels, or lightweight clothing as a filler or creative basket liner. Bonus: It avoids one-time use of plastic and responsibly supports the environment while building something beautiful!

Tip 3 – Fill with stuff and start to fluff. Shop for a variety of unique items to fill baskets as opposed to the standard sugar-filled treats. Items can focus on a specific theme or can be combined to create an eclectic mix of fun-finds for both children and adults. Suggestions include puzzles, card and travel games, socks and small accessories, toys, books, kitchen utensils, movies and photo frames.

Once items are assembled, roll out cellophane on a flat surface and measure before cutting. The cellophane should be at least one foot taller than the basket when brought up and bunched up together at the basket’s tallest point. Adorn wrapped basket with a bow, ribbon or other decorations for a finishing touch.

Goodwill San Antonio

Proceeds from each basket sold will help to fund help meaningful job training, employment placement services and other community-based programs. Donated items purchased at Goodwill stores also help divert usable items from going into landfills.

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