Expecting? This health system offers comprehensive care for both mom and baby

Includes OB prenatal care

Are you expecting a baby soon?

Having a baby is an exciting time, and it’s key to find a quality, compassionate care for both mom, baby and the family.

If you are looking for a new OB/GYN, Baptist Health System OB services are coming to San Antonio’s South Side this year.

Dr. Hatem Hatem, OB/GYN with Baptist Health System, discusses how the group is taking every safety and precaution for new mothers at their hospitals.

“We try to take care of patients with the best we can,” Hatem said. “We monitor the health of their babies so they’ve got nine months of pregnancy, which would include ultrasounds, measurements of their height, performing, testing, watching their blood pressure, as well as screening for diabetes or any other comorbidities, as well as a recommendation for the exercise, weight management, vitamins and as well as taking care of any other place or concern that might come with the pregnancy. Some pregnancy can be easy and could be low risk, if you will, and some pregnancy gets complicated and we’ll get to them both as well.”

Baptist Health System has dedicated OB emergency departments. Why is this important for patients to have access to?

“What it does is actually try to stay care focused only on the pregnant patients,” Hatem said. “So basically, it’s an emergency department within the department, which is where bypass the regular emergency department to try to take care of that patient, expedite their care, and at the same time increase or improve, if you will, the well-being of the mom and a baby. So that usually helps moms who are in need for care during the after-hours or during the weekend or any other time during the day if they cannot reach their doctors and need to be seen.”

Is it safe for a mom to deliver at a hospital due to COVID-19? What are some of the safety protocols at Baptist Health System hospitals?

“Yes, absolutely,” Hatem said. “It’s safe to deliver at the hospital at any time during the peak of the pandemic. We took a lot of precautions, which works well with the CDC recommendation, as well as the federal and local recommendations.”

OB services will be offered at Mission Trail Baptist Hospital later this fall. Why is that important to residents living in the South Side of San Antonio?

“I think that’s a great step that Baptist is taking for the South Side, because I think there’s a high demand in the South Side for women’s services,” Hatem said.

Baptist Health System offers comprehensive care for both mom and baby, including OB prenatal care, Healthy Expectations Prenatal Program, access to high-risk maternal-fetal specialists, and high-level NICU care with two Level IV NICUs at North Central Baptist Hospital and St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital.

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