Chic Fix: Easy ways to add pops of color to your home this spring

Lindsay Eastland, mom + interior decorator, shares her tips to add more life into your space

From pillows to art and even a bold sofa, Lindsay Eastland is sharing easy ways to add some life to your rooms

KERRVILLE – Lindsay Eastland is the owner of Bloom Home Design in Kerrville. Her goal is to help homeowners and businesses elevate their living space with her take on modern and antique combinations.

Here are her tips to help add pops of color into your home:

1. Go big

• Add a bold sofa (Lindsay has a pink one she ordered from Wayfair).

• Add a piece of art that ties in colors in your room.

• Add large, colorful area rugs.

2. Simple swaps or add-ons

• Bring in some coffee table books that go with your color scheme (antique shops or even online,, etc.).

• Change out or add in some colorful throw pillows (inexpensive, yet effective).

3. Flowers + greenery

• Add faux or fresh flowers (you can mix and match).

If you would like to inquire or hire Lindsay Eastland, click here for more information. Lindsay is also a vendor at 8th Street Market in Comfort, where you can find antiques and several vendors.

About the Author:

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