Mrs. Kitchen celebrates nearly a decade of cooking from the soul

Meet the family behind Mrs. Kitchen Soul Food Restaurant in Windcrest

Learn what goes into soul food cooking at tMrs. Kitchen

SAN ANTONIO – Catfish, fried chicken, smothered pork chops and all the southern fixings too--that’s what you will have to choose from at Mrs. Kitchen Soul Food Restaurant in Windcrest.

“We have so much to offer as far as southern soul dishes,” general manager at Mrs. Kitchen Cheryl Thompson said. “Everything that we prepare started out with love and it’s finished with love.”

Thompson is one of six grandchildren to Mrs. Kitchen, her grandmother who taught her how to cook.

“We grew up watching her make delicious meals for us,” Thompson said.

The cooking involves memory, no measurements, and lots of love.

“The main ingredient is love and that’s what we were taught when we were coming up and learning how to cook from our ancestors,” Thompson said.

With help from her brother, Garlan “Chef L.A.” McPherson, the first restaurant opened in 2011 on the east side of San Antonio and was only 1500 square feet. This year, they moved to the new location in Windcrest, opening up more than 15,000 square feet.

“It makes me feel really good because I hear it here all day when people come in,” Thompson said.

They plan to celebrate their 10-year anniversary this year and you can join in the celebration by trying some of those family recipes.

They are located at 5237 Walzem Rd. in Windcrest.

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